As you are no doubt aware, Mexico has suffered two strong earthquakes in the past two weeks (September 8th and 18th), with epicentres first in the far south of Oaxaca State and then close to Mexico City.

You will be relieved to learn that Pilar, Saul Jr. and the Armonia students and their families in Oaxaca City and Mexico City were unharmed. We thank God for their safety.

Following the first earthquake, Pilar, Saul Jr., Lupe, Amadeo, and Moisés took medicine, food and clothing from Oaxaca City to the Zapotec towns of Tehuantepec,Ixtepec and Ixtaltepec in the south-east of Oaxaca state where Pilar has family, and where there were many deaths and homes destroyed. They helped Pilar’s relatives with the distribution of food, water, medicines, clothing and toys and witnessed much devastation. They had returned to Oaxaca City by the time of the second earthquake.

The first quake added to the repairs already needed to the Jalalpa Community Centre. Following the second earthquake, the community centres in Mexico City have been closed until safety inspections can be carried out. There is much destruction in Puebla and Cuernavaca as well as Mexico City itself. Please pray for the search effort, those whose homes have been destroyed and for God to be glorified in what relief Armonia can bring.

We hope soon to send funds to Armonia to help with the relief effort and necessary building inspection and repairs. If you would like to make a donation, please contact Jane Beldham in the Church Office. Alternatively, please send a cheque to FREEPOST Armonia (all the address that is needed) or my address (47b Prince of Wales Mansions, Prince of Wales Drive, Battersea, London, SW11 4BH). If you are a UK taxpayer and haven’t sent us a Gift Aid form, I have attached a form that would allow us to reclaim the tax on your gift.

Please also do visit the Armonia Mexico facebook page at where you can find regular updates on the current situation and relief efforts.