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Young Children’s group meets during Sunday morning service. JAM (Jesus and Me) is our children’s group that runs during part of the morning church service during term times. We sing songs, dance, play instruments, listen to Bible stories, make crafts, eat biscuits and have lots of fun. We cater for children from 0-10 years old and currently have an active group of about 7 children.
There are always two DBS leaders present, so parents/carers are either welcome to stay in the church service or attend JAM with their child.
For more information please contact the Church Office.


The Diocese of Rochester takes seriously its responsibilities in the area of safeguarding and has followed national guidelines in establishing a range of Safeguarding  Policies, Advice Notes and Forms. Click the links below to find out more:

Promoting a Safer Church Policy

Diocese of Rochester | Safeguarding

Morning Worship

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, Holy Communion is served in one kind only. There is no sharing of the cup.

10.00am (unless otherwise noted)

Theme: God’s New Society. The letter to the Ephesians

April 2021

4th Easter Day

11th Christian Unity (Ephesians 4: 1-6)

18th Maturity and Growth (Ephesians 4: 7-16)

25th Putting Off – Putting On (Ephesians 4: 17-24)


May 2021

2nd Christian Counter Culture 1 (Ephesians 4: 25 – Ephesians 5:2)

9th Christian Counter Culture 2 (Ephesians 5: 3-17)

16th Life in the Spirit (Ephesians  5: 18-20)

23rd Pentecost


June 2021

6th      CPAS Sunday

13th   Husbands and Wives (Ephesians 5: 25-33)

20th   Same Sex Marriage? (Ephesians 5: 25-33)

27th   Open Air Service at 11am

July 2021

4th  The Frontline

11th  Bible Society – Guest speaker

18th  Spiritual Warfare

Evening Worship

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, Holy Communion is served in one kind only.

(6.30pm unless otherwise noted)

Theme: The Glory of Christ: The Signs in John’s Gospel

April 2021

4th  Easter Praise

11th Water to Wine (John 2: 1-11)

18th Cleansing the Temple (John 2: 12-17)

25th Growing Faith (John 4: 46-54)

May 2021

2nd On Healing Spiritual Paralysis (John 5: 1-15)

9th What Kind of Saviour( John 6: 1-15)

16th The Way of Seeing (John 9: 1-41)

23rd  DVD

30th Lazarus – Come Out!

June 2021

Building for God  – Studies in Ezra

6th  Introducing Ezra (2 Chronicles 36: 22-23)

13th The Exiles Return (Ezra 1)

20th  He is Good (Ezra 3)

27th Opposition (Ezra 4)


July 2021

4th    Celebrating with Joy (Ezra 5-6)

11th   A New Teacher (Ezra 7-8)

18th   A renewed Covenant (Ezra 9-10)